Registry of Companies & Intellectual Property
Registration of Business Names

Registration of Business Names

Governing Act: Registration of Business Names Act and Rules, Cap. 13.03



Your Business Name is the name under which you will conduct business.

Be Creative in choosing a name! Here are some tips:

  • GIve it some thought. Do not try to copy or resemble a name of another business. Your name will be rejected if there is conflict with another registered business.
  • The words "Incorporated", "Limited" and "Corporation" and their abbreviations "Inc", "Ltd." and "Corp" are reserved for companies incorporated under the Companies Act. Therefore, they cannot form part of your business name.
  • Avoid using only general words that are merely indicative of the nature of business, for example, "Real Estate Services" or "Hair and Nail Salon".
  • Using initial on their own as a business name is not advisable. It restricts others from using the same initials.
  • Do not use scandalous or offensive terms. They are restricted by law.
  • Domain names cannot be registered as business names, for example, Mags beauty.com
  • Avoid excessive special characters such as @, # and $.
  • The use of the word "Saint  Lucia"/St. Lucia" requires consent of the Government of Saint Lucia. A letter from the relevant government minister must be submitted with the business name search form.

Steps to Getting Your Business Name Registered

  1. Complete and submit the NAME SEARCH FORM in duplicate. These forms are available here at the Registry of Companies & Intellectual Property. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded from the Government of Saint Lucia website www.govt.lc via this link: http://www.govt.lc/services/business-name-search . Email the completed form to info@rocip.gov.lc.
  2. Return to the Registry in a minimum of two (2) days to find out whether your proposed business name was approved.
  3. If the name is approved, the NAME SEARCH FORM can be taken to S.E.D.U. (Small Enterprise Development Unit) at the Ministry of Trade, 4th Floor, Heraldine Rock Building, Waterfront, Castries or an Attorney-at-Law of your choice, where the APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION and a STATUTORY DECLARATION will be prepared.


  • The Statutory Declaration must be signed by a Justice of the Peace and a $2.50 stamp is required on submission of the documents at the Registry.
  • There is a 28-day period (stipulated by law) from the date of commencement of your business within which to register your business name. Please check # 9 of your application to ensure that you are within the stipulated time frame. If you are not, you will require a second statutory declaration from S.E.D.U. or your Attorney.
  1. Submit the Approved Name Search form, the Application and the Statutory Declaration (with the $2.50 stamp) to the Registry Clerk.
  2. A payment slip will be written up for you to pay the REGISTRATION FEE of $125.00 to the Cashier at the Registry. You will receive a receipt from the Cashier.
  3. Return to the Registry within two (2) days (with your receipt) to find out whether your documents where approved. If submitted via email you should receive a response within 2 business names providing you with the decision and further instructions regarding the completion of the registration process.


  • If your documents are not in order you will receive a Query Slip indicating the queries to be addressed. You may have to return to S.E.D.U or your Attorney to get the documents corrected.
  1. If your documents are approved, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION and your filed copies of the Application and Statutory Declaration. Ensure that the information on the Certificate is correct.

Your Business Name Is Now Registered!

Please note that we are moving towards providing the above services online via the digiGov platform which will also facilitate electronic payment for your services.


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