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Mission & Strategic Priorities

Mission & Strategic Priorities

Attorney General’s Chambers

Our mission is to deliver to the Government quality legal service with integrity and professionalism in a timely manner. Focusing primarily in facilitating an enabling environment, creating value and effective advice through the Registry of Companies and Intellectual Property, the Legislative Drafting Unit and the Advice and Litigation Department.

Strategic Priorities of Chambers

  1. Adhering to professional best practices in the public service.
  2. Enhancing staff capacity by sourcing training opportunities nationally, regionally and internationally and offering internship.
  3. Creating operational tools for all work undertaken and all types of services rendered.
  4. Allowing for greater synergy with other Government Departments and Ministries.
  5. Analyzing data qualitatively and quantitatively thereby providing valued information to Government with a view to effective allocation of resources.
  6. Increasing the level of legal services provided to the general public.
  7. Continuing to examine and develop legal services to address new and emerging areas of law.
  8. Improving legal services through the use of technology.



2nd Floor Francis Compton Building, 
Castries, Saint Lucia

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