Legislative Drafting
Legislation by Ministry or Department

Legislation by Ministry or Department

Customs and Excise Department

Border Control Bill
Customs (Control and Management) (Amendment) Bill
Customs Bill
Customs Duties (Amendment) Bill

Department of Agriculture

Animal Health Bill
Animals (Amendment) Bill
Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Bill
Fisheries (Amendment) Bill
Food Safety Bill
Forest Bill
Impounding Bill
Pesticides and Toxic Chemical Control Bill
Plant Health Bill
Quarantine Bill
Sale of Agricultural Products bill
Veterinary Surgeons and Para-Professional Bill
Wildlife Protection (Amendment) Bill
Statutory Instruments
Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Regulations
Forest (Timber and Timber Products) Regulations
Quarantine Regulations

Department of Commerce, Industry, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs

Competition Bill
Economic Partnership Agreement Bill
Fiscal Incentives (Amendment) Bill
Free Zone (Amendment) Bill
Invest Saint Lucia (Amendment) Bill
Liquor Licence (Amendment) Bill
Small Business Development Corporation Bill
Standards and Metrification Bill
Trade Licence Bill
Statutory Instruments
Fiscal Incentive Orders
Free Zone Management Authority Regulations
Free Zone Regulations
Price Control (Amendment) Orders

Department of Education

Education (Amendment) Bill
Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (Amendment) Bill
Statutory Instruments
Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations

Department of Finance

Audit Bill
Banking (Amendment) Bill
Citizenship by Investment (Amendment) Bill
Cooperative Societies Bill
Credit Reporting Bill
Eastern Caribbean Appraisal Institute Agreement Bill
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (Amendment) Bill
Eastern Caribbean Currency Union Investment Funds Bill
Financial Services Regulatory Authority (Amendment) Bill
Insolvency Bill
Insurance (Amendment) Bill
Insurance for Athletes Bill
International Mutual Funds Bill
Money Services Business (Amendment) Bill
National Economic Development Fund Bill
National Land Development Corporation Bill
Public Finance Management Bill
Public Procurement and Asset Disposal (Amendment) Bill
Saint Lucia Development Bank (Amendment) Bill
Securities Bill
Sovereign Wealth Fund of Saint Lucia Bill
Stamp Duty (Amendment) Bill

Statutory Instruments
Banking (Licenses) Regulations
Citizenship by Investment (Amendment) Regulations
Cooperative Societies Regulations
Credit Reporting Regulations
Financial Services Regulatory Authority Regulations
Gaming, Racing and Betting (Amendment) Regulations
Gaming, Racing and Betting (Bond and Security Instrument) Regulations
Income Tax (National LandCo. Ltd.) Order
Insurance (Appeals Tribunal) Regulations
International Banks (Amendment) Regulations
Public Finance Management Regulations
Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Regulations
Securities (Licenses and Fees) Regulations
Special Development Notices

Department of Health

Health Facilities Bill
Health Information and Records Bill
Health Practitioners (Amendment) Bill
Health Services (Complaint and Conciliation) (Amendment) Bill
Mental Health Bill
Nurses Bill
Pharmacy Bill
Public Health (Amendment) Bill
Reproductive Health Care Services and Protection Bill
Tobacco Control Bill
Statutory Instruments
Clinical Trials (Appeals Board) Regulations
Health Practitioners (Allied Health Council) Regulations
Health Practitioners (Medical and Dental Council) Regulations
Hospital (Amendment) Regulations
Motor Ambulance (Amendment) Regulations
Nurses Practice Standards and Code of Ethics Regulations
Nurses Regulations
Pharmacy (Fees and Forms) Regulations
Pharmacy Regulations
Public Health Regulations

Department of Home Affairs and National Security

Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill
Arms Trade Treaty Bill
CARICOM Arrest Warrant Treaty Bill
Counter-Trafficking (Amendment) Bill
Police (Amendment) Bill
Police and Correctional Services (Preferred Standards Authority) Bill
Police Investigation Bill
Statutory Instruments
Arms Trade Treaty Regulations

Department of Justice

Alternative Sentencing Bill
Anti-Discrimination Bill
Business Names Bill
Companies (Amendment) Bill
Companies and Intellectual Property (Registry) (Amendment) Bill
Constitution of Saint Lucia (Amendment) Bill
Council on Social Reform Bill
Criminal Code (Amendment) Bill
Criminal Procedure (Plea Bargaining) Bill
Deoxyribonucleic Acid Bill
Electronic Crimes Bill
Evidence (Amendment) Bill
Finger Prints Bill
Immigration Bill
Interview of Suspects for Serious Crimes Bill
Justice of the Peace Bill
Patents (Amendment) Bill
Proceeds of Crime Bill
Recording of Court Proceedings (Amendment) Bill
Statutory Instruments
Business Names Regulations
Civil Status (Forms) Regulations
Code of Practice – Electronic Recording of Custodial Interviews
Code of Practice – Identification Procedures
Patents Regulations

Department of Physical Planning

Construction and Industry Development Bill
Foreign Nationals (Licensing) Bill
Physical Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill
Statutory Instrument
Aliens (Licensing) (Exemption) Orders
Invest Saint Lucia Vesting Orders

Department of the Public Service

Broadcasting Bill
Electronic Transaction (Amendment) Bill
Freedom of Information Bill
Pensions (Amendment) Bill
Public Service (Management) Bill
Salaries Review Commission (Amendment) Bill
Statutory Instruments
Public Service (Management) Regulations

Department of Sustainable Development

Biosafety Bill
CARICOM Community Climate Change Centre Bill
Climate Change Bill
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Bill
Environmental Management Bill
Invasive Species Bill
Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority Validation Bill
Waste Management (Amendment) Bill
Water and Sewerage (Amendment) Bill
Water Resources Management Bill
Statutory Instruments
Biosafety (Risk Assessment) (Food Safety) Regulations
Biosafety Regulations
Electricity Supply Regulations
Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations
Environmental Management Regulations
National Utilities (Appeals Tribunal) Regulations
National Utilities (Public Utilities) (Dispute Resolution) Regulations
Water and Sewerage Customer Standards Regulations

Department of Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Culture and Creative Industries

Broadcasting Bill
Creative Industries Bill
Electronic Communications Bill
Electronic Crimes Bill
Electronic Funds Transfer Bill
Emblems of Saint Lucia Bill
Personal Watercraft Bill
Registration and Licensing of Tourism Operators Bill
Tourism Incentives Bill
Tourism Transportation Tax Exemption Bill
Statutory Instruments
Broadcasting Regulations
Electronic Transactions Act (Commencement) Order
Tourism Incentive Orders
Tourism Stimulus and Investment Orders

Department of Youth Development and Sports

National Youth Bill

Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court

Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (Judicial Officers Pension) Bill
Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (Saint Lucia) (Amendment) Bill

Electoral Department

Elections (Amendment) Bill

Ministry of Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation

Security Interest in Movable Property Bill
Statutory Instruments
Civil Aviation (Aeronautical Telecommunications) Regulations
Civil Aviation (Flight Safety) (Amendment) Regulations
Civil Aviation (Security) Regulations
Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Designation of Inspectors) Order
Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Speed Limits) Regulations
Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Ticketable Offences) (Amendment) Regulations
Saint Lucia National Housing Corporation Vesting Orders

Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Local Government and Empowerment

Castries Constituency Council Bill
Constituency Councils (Amendment) Bill
Domestic Violence (Summary Proceedings) (Amendment) Bill
Local Authorities Bill
Older Persons Bill
Saint Lucia Social Development Fund (Amendment) Bill
Status of Children Bill
Statutory Instruments
Burial and Cremation (Cemetery Fees) Bye-Laws
Constituency Councils (Appointment) Orders
Constituency Councils (Fees) Regulations
Status of Children (Parentage Testing Procedures) Regulations

Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour

Ballast Water Management Bill
Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation Headquarters Agreement Bill
CARICOM (Free Movement of Skilled Persons) (Amendment) Bill
Electricity Services Bill
Electricity Supply (Amendment) Bill
Power-Craft (Amendment) Bill
Shipping (Marine Pollution) Bill
Statutory Instruments
CARICOM (Free Movement of Skilled Persons) Regulations
Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (Amendment of Schedule) Regulations
Labour (Amendment of Schedule 8) Order
Shipping (Accident Reporting and Investigation) Regulations
Shipping (Caribbean Cargo Ship Construction and Survey) Regulations
Shipping (Crew Agreement, Lists and Discharge of Seaman) Regulations
Shipping (High Speed Craft) Regulations
Shipping (Load Lines) Regulations
Shipping (Manning and Certification) Regulations
Shipping (Port State Control) Regulations
Shipping (Safety Management System) Regulations
Telecommunications (Access to Facilities) Regulations
Telecommunications (Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service) (Exemption) Order
Telecommunications (Amateur Radio) Regulations
Telecommunications (Quality of Service for Resellers) Regulations
Telecommunications (Universal Service Fund Contribution) Order

Office of the Prime Minister

Disaster Management (Amendment) Bill
Drones Bill
Integrity in Public Life (Amendment) Bill
National Insurance Corporation (Amendment) Bill
Parastatal Entity Bill
Saint Lucia National Trust Bill
Statutory Instruments
Disaster Management Regulations


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