Heads of Departments
Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Heads of Department Retreat

During April 2018, the Heads of the various Department of Chambers undertook a one day retreat. The primary objective of this retreat was to offer opportunities for developing the tools of our senior managers to improve employee and organizational effectiveness. Some of the topics which were presented included:

  • Understanding personal values
  • Understanding  the Learning Organization
  •  Understand how organizations are changing globally
  •  Define and understand the difference between Leadership and    Management
  •  Building trust in an organization
  •  Overview of  the dimensions of leadership
  • Understanding and modifying leadership style
  • Understanding the four competencies for successful leadership
  • Elements of effective communication – The Leader’s Role
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Overview of Emotional Intelligence
  • Techniques to de-stress

Executive Coaching Leadership & Management Development  Programme

During November 2018, the Heads of Department were initiated into a six month Programme conducted by Public Service Training Institute.  This Executive Coaching Leadership and Management Module targets six broad themes including:

  1. Performance Management
  2. Employee Engagement and Coaching
  3. Product & Quality Management
  4. Supervision & People Management

The programme provides individuals’ with group sessions and one-to-one time with an experienced Coach to enhance their self-mastery skills.


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