Revised Laws of Saint Lucia (2021)

2.   Interpretation


    In this Act—

animals” includes—


    (a)     domestic animals;


    (b)     a carcass of an animal; and


    (c)     an egg, embryo, ovum, sperm or other product of an animal from which another animal could be produced;

approved premises” means places as the Minister may by order designate as approved premises;

authorised person” means a police officer or any other person authorised by the Minister in writing; (Amended by Act 27 of 2005)

captive animal” means any non-domestic animal of whatsoever kind of species, whether a quadruped or not, including any bird, fish or reptile, which is in captivity or confinement or is maimed, pinioned or subjected to any appliance or contrivance for hindering or preventing its escape;

carcass” means the carcass of any animal, and includes any part of the carcass or of the meat, bones, hide, skin, hoofs, horns, offal or other part of an animal;

cattle” includes bulls, cows, oxen, heifers and calves;

communicable animal disease” means a disease determined by the Chief Veterinary Officer to be a communicable disease;

court” means the district court;

dangerous dog” means any dog over 20kg with a propensity to attack humans or domestic animals without provocation and includes but is not limited to—


    (a)     fighting dogs;


    (b)     dogs, such as, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Ridgebacks, Akitas, Bullmastiffs, Mastiffs, German Shepherds; and


    (c)     any dog designated a dangerous dog by the Minister of local government by order published in the Gazette;

domestic animal” includes any cattle, horse, mare, gelding, steer, mule, ass, sheep, lamb, hog, pig, goat, cat, dog, fowl, guinea fowl, pigeon or any other animal, whether of the kind or species particularly mentioned or of any kind or species or whatever and whether a quadruped or not, which is tamed or which has been or is being sufficiently tamed to serve some purpose of man's use;

fighting dogs” means any dog selected and bred over time for fearlessness and brute force in fighting;

Minister” means the Minister responsible for agriculture except where the Act specifically designates another Minister;

National Conservation Authority” means the National Conservation Authority established under section 4 of the National Conservation Authority Act;

owner” means a person who owns or is otherwise in possession of an animal or in charge of the animal;

poundkeeper”, in relation to a pound, means the poundkeeper for that pound;

public place” means any street, road or other place, whether or not enclosed, to which the public have or are permitted to have access whether for payment or otherwise and includes the common parts of premises containing 2 or more separate dwellings;

ranger or warden” means a person appointed as such under section 6 of the National Conservation Authority Act;

veterinary surgeon” means a veterinary surgeon registered under the Veterinary Surgeons Act or any enactment replacing it.